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RANILUS s.r.o. is a modern engineering company. Our more than 30 employees provide material handling, welding, boring and surface treatment on the projects for significant customers from all over the world. Our technical department is always a partner to the customer in terms of the revision of the technical documentation.


Our product portfolio consists mainly


Creating a weld without additional material by short-term passage of a high-intensity stream through the weld site, while applying pressure. The advantages of resistance welding are high productivity and thus use in large-scale production and the possibility of joining a variety of materials.


We are able to produce a wide range of parts according to customer requirements with weights from a few grams up to 800 kg, for which we guarantee high accuracy. We focus on serial as well as custom production.


We provide high accuracy and quality guarantee in bending up to a tenth of a degree of angle. When the required dimension of the part is reached after bending up to 0.5 mm. We bend materials of various thicknesses up to 3 m in size.

LASER 3D/2D cutting

Our company uses the LASER BODOR P3015T 2kW Laser Cutting Machine for cutting and marking, thanks to which the cut is completely smooth. Other advantages are efficiency, high cutting speed, accuracy and cut quality. We focus on cutting and marking steel, stainless steel and galvanized sheets.


We use a set of technological processes to ensure high-quality treatment of metals with epoxy and polyurethane paints, high-pressure spraying, powder coating and galvanizing.


According to customer requirements, we perform various assembly work. We install demanding storage systems and racks and also provide construction work during assembly. Our company also deals with the installation of stairs, railings, sheds and gates.

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